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Cedar Key SWAT Participates in International Coastal Cleanup
September 15, 2018

Cedar Key is a small coastal city in Levy County with a big heart for protecting and preserving the environment. The Levy Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) members from Cedar Key School have been participating in the International Coastal Cleanup since 2011 and have collected nearly 14,000 cigarette butts to date.

This September, thirteen SWAT members participated in the cleanup event and spent a Saturday combing Dock Street, the Marina, and 2nd Street for cigarette butts and other tobacco litter. The litter that is collected by volunteers is sorted, counted, and carefully logged after the cleanup event.

The SWAT students have been collecting data every year since 2011 on the number of butts they gather during the Coastal Cleanup in three areas of Cedar Key. This year, the total number of butts collected was 1,774, which is higher than the numbers collected every year since 2013.

SWAT members implemented a pilot project in 2015, where they attached cigarette butt collection cans on the sides of trash bins in the area, and the impact on the total number of butts collected during the cleanup that year was significant.

Based on the fact that the numbers of butts collected has started rising significantly in the past couple of years, the Cedar Key SWAT team has decided that they will canvas the city and attach cigarette butt collections cans on the sides of twice as many trash bins as their previous pilot project, in an effort to encourage visitors and citizens to be more responsible with their tobacco waste.

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