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Tobacco Free Partnership of Levy County Appoints 2015-2016 Advisory Council
August 11, 2015

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Levy County has appointed its 2015-2016 Advisory Council. Advisory Council members assume leadership roles in the community relating to tobacco control advocacy, education, prevention, and policy change in Levy County.

This year’s advisory council members include a new partnership chair, Cynthia Austin. Cindy is a teacher with the School Board of Levy County and Bronson Middle High School’s Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) advisor. The youth co-chair is Jordan Marlett, an 11th grade SWAT member and the Levy County SWAT Representative. Jordan also served on the statewide SWAT Youth Advocacy Board for 2014-2015 and is hoping to continue her work on the board for 2015-2016. The vice-chair of the partnership is Mary Phillips, the Chiefland Middle High School SWAT Advisor. Finally, the partnership secretary is Jamey Mullin, a SWAT member from Bronson Middle High School.

Tobacco Free Partnership Advisory Board
The 2015-2016 TFP Advisory Board (from L to R): Cindy Austin, Jamey Mullin, Jordan Marlett

The advisory council members are looking forward to fulfilling their roles with the partnership and the chair, Cindy Austin, is especially thrilled. “I’m excited to represent the Tobacco Free Partnership this year as chair,” says Cindy. She adds, “I’m looking forward to achieving our goals together with our youth members.”

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Levy County is dedicated to the creation of tobacco free social norms through a combination of community education, youth advocacy, and changes in local tobacco policies. The mission of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Levy County reflects the goals of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Best Practices for Tobacco Control, which recommends policy change to create and maintain tobacco free social norms.

For the next few years, the Tobacco Free Partnership of Levy County will focus efforts on educating the community about the dangers of smokeless tobacco, assessing the types of tobacco products available in retail stores, policies to create tobacco free child care facilities’ grounds, and tobacco free community events and worksites.

Some of the past initiatives of the partnership include an ordinance to place tobacco products behind the counter and away from youth at retail outlets in Cedar Key, a tobacco free schools policy, tobacco free public housing, and tobacco free policies at public venues and events, including the Levy County Fair, the Chiefland Farmer’s Market, the Cedar Key Old Florida Celebration of the Arts, and the Cedar Key Seafood Festival.

To learn more about the partnership or get involved, please contact the partnership facilitator, Kristina Zachry, at or 352-577-4309.