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Chiefland Middle School SWAT Youth Records Public Service Announcements for Local AM Radio Station
April 29, 2014

Members of Levy Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) and the Tobacco Free Partnership of Levy County are determined to prevent tobacco use and secondhand smoke around kids, so they teamed up to record public service announcements for the radio in an effort to spread awareness of the tobacco issue and to recruit new SWAT members.

Chiefland Middle School SWAT member, Emma Ronchetti, recorded two public service announcements for use on WZCC broadcasting on AM940 in Chiefland and AM1240 in Cross City. Emma is a passionate and well-spoken new SWAT member and she jumped at the opportunity to educate her peers.

Emma Ronchetti

Emma just completed 6th grade, and even though she is young, she loves to challenge herself. “Doing the radio recording for the SWAT advertisement was a really good, new experience,” says Emma. “I had never recorded anything on the radio before, so I was kind of nervous. When I got to the recording studio and recorded my first advertisement and they played it back, I felt really proud of myself. It really made me feel more confident, and I’m really glad I had this experience.”

The messages were written to inspire Emma’s peers to join SWAT and to hold the tobacco industry accountable for their role in addicting teenagers through advertising and marketing of their products. In one of her recordings, Emma called attention to the fact that 90% of tobacco users begin their addiction before they are 18 years old. This is because the tobacco industry uses candy and fruit flavors to attract teens.


Since the advertisements ran through Memorial Day on the radio, one of Emma’s messages focused on the fact that during World War II, the tobacco industry gave tobacco to soldiers in their daily rations, leading to a large percentage of soldiers becoming addicted.


“I know these radio advertisements are having an impact locally,” says Levy County Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Kristina Zachry. “I was talking to a parent recently who told me that her child heard the advertisement on the radio and asked the parent to turn up the volume and listen.”

For more information on the SWAT Program in Levy County, contact Kristina Zachry at

Emma Ronchetti